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The Exploitation of Our Youth

Please read Matt. 18:1-10; Mark 9:33-42 and Luke 17:2

This has been a burden on my heart for some time now. The most neglected, violated, abused, misguided, misled and taken advantage of group in America is our youth. They are abused mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, morally and socially.

I do not have television and have not for over 16 years. Every time I am exposed to one for a shortime, I am reminded why I made that decision long ago. It is very obvious to me that the merchandisers are aware of the fact that the child of today is the customer of tomorrow. To them, it is a matter of money, however, behind the scene are forces at work of another world. What I am telling you is that the plan to corrupt our youth originates in the heart of the Wicked One, the Devil, yet it is played out on the stage of humanity through the deceitful, greedy hearts of men. Let me give a recent esample. The Daily News ran a full page ad twice for a team of surgeons. There were two girls in full color mostly naked walking along a beach. One might have had surgery the day before with only a band aid to cover it. There is no way I believe the ad ran without some consideration of how it would be received by the readers of the Daily News. Not only do I know the ad was discussed, I also know the Daily News could have refused to run the ad based upon its inappropriateness. Like it or not, the Daily News became part of a deeper sinful plot to stir the passions of our youth and to make a statement to every little boy or girl seeing it that this is appropriate. Maybe the time has come for the Daily News to put a disclaimer on the front page: "caution, graphic material on page B1 may be offensive to some readers." Those of you at the Daily News who discussed the ad and yet went on to run it should be ashamed! What are your guidelines for your paid advertisements? Anyone can choose to read or not read my articles, but the full page ad you ran could not be avoided, even by young children looking for the funnies.

The merchandisers of our day are not just selling things; they are selling thoughts. Let me show you how it is being done. Many of the advertisements inserted in newspapers are filled with such things as pre-teen boys and girls holding hands, hugging up to each other like growups. Many times she has her thumb in her waste line, pulling down revealing the midriff. This is having its desired effect and one trip to the mall proves this to be true. The "age of innocence" is being lowered to shameful, critical levels by the money hungry exploiters of our youth. They are being exploited and conditioned to have no shame. There is little left to the imagination and for many of them, marriage will only a short walk down the isle, nothing new and nothing exciting. The thrill of it all was lost before puberty!

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