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The Goodness of God (2)

Romans 2:4 speaks of "the richness of His goodness..." Psalm 31:19 states, "Oh how great is thy goodness..." and Psalm 33:5 "the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD." Many other verses talk about the goodness of God. The goodness of God is revealed in the many ways He is different from mere men.

  1. No one can promise what God promises.
  2. No one can provide what God provides.
  3. No one can produce what God produces.
  4. No one can plan what God plans.
  5. No one can love like God loves.
  6. No one can lead like God leads.
  7. No one can help like God helps.
  8. No one can hear like God hears.
  9. No one can heal like God heals.
  10. No one can comfort like God comforts.
  11. No one can calm us like God can calm us.
  12. No one can care for us like God cares for us.
  13. No one can defend us like God can defend us.
  14. No one can defeat the enemy like God can.
  15. No one can deliver like God can deliver.

I am glad to magnify the "goodness of God" and let you know that He is our all in all. There is not one person He is not interested in; There is not one problem He cannot solve; There is not one need He cannot supply; There is not one hurt He cannot feel. Heb 4:14-16 I hope you know Him and His Goodness seen through the price He paid to save us in His death on an old rugged Cross. Do you know Him as SAVIOUR?

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