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Joining the Church of Corinth (Part 1)

Over the years I have been Pastoring, many people have told me that it doesn't matter what Church you attend. Of course, it matters where they live, where they work, where they eat, where they shop, where they go to school and where they go to the doctor as well as many other things. The Church at Corinth was one not to be imitated. It was full of problems of all kinds. There were doctrinal problems, moral problems, leadership problems and a host of other problems that either kill a Church or kill a Christian. It does matter where you go to church!

The Church at Corinth was the kind of Church that lost people like, and believe it or not, it is the kind carnal Christians love. I do not expect everyone to like our Church. I would be surprised if they did. That would indicate to me that something was not right. My experience has taught me that a great number of people do not look for a Church based on Biblical reasons. Their questions indicate their interest: "Do you have a Choir? Do you have a big youth group? Do you have youth clubs? Do you have a singles group? Do you have a ball team?" These are only a few of the questions I receive. Thankfully, there are those who ask: "Which Bible do you use? Does your Church have a soul-winning program? Do you have standards for your workers? Do you have a doctrinal statement? What are your outreach ministries?"

Here are some of the problems in the Church of Corinth: (see 1 Corinthians)

Chapter 1, they did not follow Christ alone.
Chapter 2, they did not separate the natural and the Spiritual.
Chapter 3, they were babes, not able to digest the meat of the Word.
Chapter 4, they were immature, double minded, puffed up and rebuked.
Chapter 5, they were calloused, carnal, confused and without conviction.
Chapter 6, they were without wisdom.
Chapter 7, they were confused about marriage, divorce and celibacy.
Chapter 8, they were confused about Christian liberty.
Chapter 9, they were ignorant of Biblical authority.
Chapter 10, they were ignorant of God's judgment.
Chapter 11, they were ignorant of the simplest truths such as prayer, the Lord's supper and Church order.
Chapter 12, they were confused about Spiritual gifts.
Chapter 13, they were failing in the more excellent way (charity).
Chapter 14, they totally confuse and misuse the gift of tongues.
Chapter 15, they have to be reminded again of the gospel which Paul had already taught them.
Chapter 16, they have to be told about the collections and are warned about religious rebels.


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