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Preservation of the Scriptures Part 2

Go back and read Psalm 12:6-7; 2 Timothy 3:16 and Jude 3. If you only read the critic's view of the subject, you fall for the idea of a new, better, more accurate, closer to the originals, easier to read, most reliable and scholarly version. Most people that I talk with about why they chose a different version give me these reasons: "It's easier to understand." "I just like it better." "I can't understand the thees and thous in the KJB." The underlying text of the King James Bible is the Majority Test. This means, of all the known, existing (extant) fragments, Unical Manuscripts, Cursive Manuscripts, Early Translations, Lexionaries and Church Fathers, we can establish what was originally written. The existing 5000 plus pieces of Scriptural evidence agree with the Greek text of the King James Bible. ALL OTHER ENGLISH VERSION COME OUT OF THE CORRUPT CRITICAL TEXT. How did this happen?

The textual critic states that since later manuscripts were copies of the earlier, scribal errors would be multiplied and the later manuscripts would e in error and the earlier must be the most accurate. Here is the problem with that. The early Church respected and revered the "accepted" or "received" manuscripts and when a copy was tattered and torn and worn from use, it was copied and BURNED! This is why the "Originals" disappeared early. However, there were certain cults in early Christianity that did the opposite. They preserved the manuscripts regardless of the condition. In the latter part of the 19th Century, two ancient Manuscripts were found. One was in a monastery at the foot of Mt. Sinai and is known as the "Codex Sinaticus" and the other was found in the library of the Vatican. It is know as the "Codex Vaticanus." They both were from the 4th Century. The Sinaticus was produced by the Alexandrians, a heretical cult that held to major deviations pertaining to the person of Jesus Christ. (By the way, this Manuscript was found in a waste basket discarded for ten centuries!) The KJB is supported by 95% of Manuscript evidence and all other English versions are supported on the remainder. So, how is the 5% better, more accurate? If two men applied for a job and one made a score of 95 and the other made 5, which of them would be hired? TO BE CONTINUED.

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