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Fret Not

(From message preached at Faith recently)

Psalm 37:1-8 repeats the two words “fret not” 3 times. We usually think of the word “fret” as being anxious. It means to rub, agitate, agitate violently, disturb, tease, make angry chafe, gall etc.  Some of the answers for a fretful life are found in Psalm 37, such as “Trust in”, “Delight in” , Commit…unto”, “Rest in” and “Cease from anger.”
Resting in the LORD is different from resting on the LORD. You may be resting in the LORD for your soul’s salvation, but are you resting on the LORD for your life’s living?

I want to give you four simple solutions for solving the problem of fretting:

1. Committing ourselves to the LORD will take the fretting out of life.
    1 Peter 4:19  and Proverbs 16:3

2. Communicating with the LORD will take the fretting out of life.
    It is hard to fret very long when you have a good prayer life. 
    Psalm 34:1-6 and especially vs.4,6  When we feel some fretting   
    coming up, we should go down on our knees and pray!

3. Concentrating on the promises of God will take the fretting out of
     life.  Phil. 4:5-9; 2Peter 1:1-4; 2 Cor. 1:20-21

4. Cooperating with the leading of the Holy Spirit will take the fretting 
    out of life.  Romans 8:14

If you are living a fretful life, why not put these three simple solutions into practice in your life.  If you are not saved, the solution is to realize you are a lost sinner, believe Jesus died for you, and receive Him as your personal Lord and Saviour.    FRET NOT!

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