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Developing Immunities to the Things of God

Matt. 13:15-16; Acts 28:25-27 The word “gross” means to be thick or calloused. There is a similarity between our Spiritual Life and our physical life. Our immune system works to defend and protect us from invaders such as bacteria, virus, toxins and organisms. The process is called “immune response.”  There are three types of immunity:  

Innate. We are born with this.  
Adaptive. We develop this type throughout our lives. 
Passive. Borrowed from another source such as mom’s milk.

I am interested in the second type which is “adaptive.” This happens over a period of time and in the physical sense it is good and positive.  However, in the Spiritual sense, it is negative.  Our exposure to the foreign invaders causes us to build resistance and that is positive, but when we are exposed to Biblical truth empowered by the Holy Spirit and fail to respond properly, we build immunities to the things of God.  The more we resist, the more we become immune to the things of God.  Read Acts 7:51-57 and notice their resistance. 1 Cor. 1:17 speaks of the “Cross of Christ” being made “of none of effect.”

God wants to penetrate, invade, take over by His Word with our consent. Heb. 4:12  However, resistance can build up to the point that we become immune to the things of God.

There are several Spiritual immunities that can develop that are dangerous:

  1. Immune to the call of God to conversion. Rev. 3:20; Prov. 1:24-33. Lost person, you can hear it and hear it and resist until you become dull of hearing.
  2. Immune to the cry of compassion. 1 John 3:16-21.  Things that once moved one to compassion for others no longer bothers or moves to help.
  3. Immune to the charge of conviction by the Holy Spirit. The more a believer resists being convicted by the Spirit, the further they go in rebellion to sin.   John 16:8-11
  4. Immune to the curse of carnality.  The more a saved person stays in and around worldliness, the more immune to it he or she becomes.
  5. Immune to the certainty of Christ’s coming.  2 Peter 3: 1-9; 1 Jn. 2:28 ; 1 Jn. 3:2-3. The less we look for Christ, the more we love the world.
  6. Finally, no one is immune to God’s chastening hand.  He does not need “informed consent.”  He cannot be ignored, controlled, refused, overcome or fought.  In the end, God always wins.

Now I ask, have you become immune to the things?  If you are bothered by that, it is a good thing. If not, you have become immune to the things of God. That is serious!
Allow God to break your heart and bring you back to a place of His blessing.
James 4:1-10


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