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A Place Called Calvary

You will find the word in the only place it appears in the Bible at Luke 23:33.  It means “skull” and refers to the skull-like hill on which Jesus was crucified also known as Golgotha.  It appears that God intended the place of Christ’s crucifixion to be indelibly marked in our minds and as a symbol of death to the world.

To the natural eye, the place is not awe-inspiring, not even a place of grandeur and only inspires the masses as it is related to Jesus and His death for sinners.  But once a man or woman becomes convicted of sin, convinced by the Holy Spirit of the Saviour’s death for sin, and in brokenness and repentance, receives Christ, the place takes on a new meaning and beauty. To those of us who have been Born Again, Calvary becomes a symbol of new life after death.  We sing “On a Hill Far Away, Stood An Old Rugged Cross…” with meaning and joy.  It becomes to us, “The Emblem of Suffering And Shame” where our sin was put on Christ and He paid our debt of sin.  Now let me describe the “Place Called Calvary.”

1. Calvary is the place where divine love met sinful man.  Were it not for that place and that death on the Cross of Calvary, we would all be hopelessly lost and helpless to get to God and go to heaven. John 3:16 says it well.  1John 4:7-10 tells us why God sent Jesus to this world and to the Cross.  “Wonderful love that rescued me, sunk deep in sin, wicked and vile as I could be no hope within.”  Divine Love met sinful man on Calvary.

2. Calvary is the place where Amazing Grace was shown to the world. Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us “For by Grace are ye saved through Faith…” See 2 Cor. 5:14 where it is written, “One died for all…”  Jesus did not die for a select few; He died for all. Jews, Gentiles, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Americans, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, etc…all mankind. Titus 2:11 states, “For the grace of God hath appeared to all men…”
Grace is not based family, nationality, race, who you know or do not know, what you have or do not have…His grace is extended to all!

3. Calvary is the place where sin’s price was paid. Romans 6:23, “The wages of sin is death…”   1 Cor. 6:20 states “For ye are bought with a price…“ and 1 Cor. 7:23 states,  “Ye are bought with a price…”  Do you realize the transaction for your soul was made at Calvary and your debt was paid in full there, but you must receive the Gift by faith?

4. Calvary is the place where Satan was defeated. God promised Satan in Gen. 3:15 that “her seed (offspring) would bruise his head.”  Look at Heb. 2:14-15.  Satan knew from Genesis 3:15 till Luke 23:33 that his time was coming.

5 Finally, Calvary is the place where destinies are determined. Luke 23:27 tells us “there followed Him a great company of people. The hypocrites were there, the unreasonable were there, the pessimist and passionate were there, the compassionated and cowardly were there, the self-righteous and unrighteous were there, the frivolous and ambitious were there,  the curious and questioners were there,  the repentant and unrepentant ones were there.  In fact, all of mankind was represented there that day. There were two men also on crosses beside Jesus representing all of mankind. One died lost and the other saved representing all of mankind. Which side of the Cross are you on?  One represents on who believed and received and the other who rejected and died lost.  We all must meet God at a place called Calvary…Have you been there by Faith? Do you believe Jesus died there for you? Have you in repentance and faith received Him?  Why not today?

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