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Curse of a Normal Life

Most of the miraculous turnarounds in the lives of people who came to Jesus for help and salvation were brought about by trouble/sickness/infirmities etc.  Sometimes it takes, or we might say, God uses problems to bring us to ask the most important question we will ever answer:
"Where am I going when I die?" and for the saved, "Am I living my life for Christ or Self?"
Rev. 3:14-19 describes a time in the last days when folks would "have need of nothing." Turn to Luke 7:41-50 and notice a woman who knew the value of forgiveness and see the comparison of those who do not know this great truth in vs. 36-40. In Mark 5:21-43 we see a multitude of folks, and in the crowd a woman who "suffered many things of many physicians, and spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse." Why was she the only one in the multitude to "touch Him?" Mark 2:13-17 tells us "they that are whole have no need of the physician." THIS IS THE CURSE OF A NORMAL LIFE! I have led a lot of people to a saving knowledge of Christ who had a desperate need or serious problem. YOUR PROBLEM MAY BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!
Read Luke 16:19-31. It tells the story of two men. One fared sumptuously every day, and the other was a lame beggar full of sores. The beggar died and went to heaven and the other died and went to hell. It is obvious that the need of the beggar brought him to Christ and the rich man's abundance kept him from seeing his need. God will use situations, needs, pressures, trials, heartaches, crisis and other things that touch our lives and make us reach out to touch Him by faith. Your problem may be your best friend. Now let me give some things that a normal life may create in folks.


  1. It breeds complacency. This is the reason some people never give God, Heaven, Hell and death a second thought.
  2. It births self-sufficiency. A problem free life keeps many people from looking up to God.
  3. It blinds to Spiritual needs. Rev. 3:17 tells us they did not know that they were blind. They were told to repent in order to "see." See what? They could not see their Spiritual need. Problems help clear our vision.
  4. It is a barrier to seeing the hand of God. Mt. 20:29-34, We most often see the hand of God in our time of great need.
  5. It banks on a continuance of normality. When things are going good, it seems like they will always go good. Those who are prepared for the problems and pressures of life are those who have not had a normal life.

Your problem may have a purpose! It may be a messenger of God for good! In Luke 4:16-24, the objects of Christ's message all have one thing in common; they all have a need, and that brings them to Christ! If you do not have a normal, problem free life, Thank God! It may be the thing that brings you to Christ or closer to Christ.  Read 1 Peter 4:12-19.
If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to let me know.  May God bless you richly is my prayer.

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