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This is a great site which has "God's Simple Plan" tracts in many different languages.
K.R.Senn Ministries
Website for evangelist Kelly Senn, sent out of Faith Independent Baptist Church..
Website for Bro. Don and Patsy Drake, missionaries to the military.
Website for evangelist Kerby Campbell.
Suggested as a good resource for Bible study.
PLUS Pray at Lunchtime for the US. Encouraging Bible-believing Americans to take time to specifically pray for our nation at lunchtime every day.
One of our missionaries, Brother David Cloud, is the founder/director of this Fundamental Baptist preaching and publishing ministry.
Great site with lots of articles on the King James Bible and Christian music. Also has a RealAudio clip of the sounds of Hell. A definite listen!
Great site for Independent Baptist youth workers.
Great site with a searchable King James Bible online.

A great ministry in Texas dedicated to repairing the lives of men battered by sin.

Another home page for missionaries.

One of our supported Missions.

Listen to the Bible on your computer.
This is a site that provides information for those suffering from Mesothelioma and other asbestos related illnesses.